The most important objectives of ALPASHA GROUP, which is specialized in shipping, transport and international trade, is to implement all your needs by purchasing and importing all kinds of goods and shipping from Turkey to all countries of the world, and staying with you, moment by moment, until the shipments reach their destination in a peaceful and correct manner.


In order for us to ensure the progress of your business to your satisfaction and make you feel safe, we guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of the customer information that he provides us from the moment he visits our headquarters in the company or browses our website and registers on our site.

And out of our concern for the safety of this information and the security of the data that is filled in within the tables to answer your inquiries, we guarantee you the confidentiality of this information and not to reach any third party.


Therefore, the management of ALPASHA GROUP has been keen to provide a complete privacy policy for you and your data that ensures the safety of browsing and registration steps on our website.


We collect data and information from you in order to provide the best services and to participate with you in obtaining the most appropriate service.


Reason for collecting this information:


1- Providing you with the best services and delivering information to you as soon as possible.

2- Using this data and information to reach you and always develop our capabilities and methods to create new ways to communicate with you as soon as possible and follow up on your shipments.

3- We use this information from the phone number – e-mail so that we can communicate and interact with you directly and inform you of all that is new about shipments and our services.


What data do we collect?

1- Phone number.


2- Email.


3- Some information about the computer or mobile devices used and the IP address.


4- Knowing the user of the visitor if he is linked to one of the social networking sites (Facebook – Twitter – Instagram) through which he was accessed to our site when logging in.


We at ALPASHA GROUP assure you to protect all customer information and not to disclose or allow access to it within the security features prepared for this, so that access to this information is limited only to ALPASHA GROUP team specialized in providing commercial and logistic services to customers.